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Boxed Food

Quality & freshness matters....That's why we deliver straight from our drivers' coolers to your refrigerator at an agreed upon delivery time window. Our deliveries are Tuesday of each week. In order to preserve the quality of the meals, Chef recommends you consume or freeze meals by Thursday. If you plan on enjoying your chef crafted meals on Friday or after,

please plan ahead and freeze those meals to enjoy later.

Most of our chef crafted meals freeze and reheat with ease! 


Recommended Heating Instructions: 

Most Items Reheat Best in an Air Fryer for 4-5 Minutes @ 375 Degrees or Until Hot, Oven @400 Degrees for 5-6 Minutes or Until Hot, or Microwave 1-2 Minutes or Until Hot.
**Please Note, the Microwave Can Dry Out Your Food & Is Only Recommended if Necessary.**


Delivery Driver Picks Up To-Go Containers With Weekly Orders. Containers are Microwave & Dishwasher Safe. Not For Use in Ovens or Air Fryers.



Please Put Containers in Appropriate Recycling Receptacles.


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